Roger Cichy
40 Carue Drive, Scituate, RI 02857
Click here to contact via email or call 401-647-0071
Commissioning ...
Roger Cichy is currently accepting commissions for new work. Prices are based on the type of ensemble, desired duration and difficulty level of work.

Conducting ...
Roger Cichy continues to be active as a conductor and has conducted a wide number of All-States, Reginal/District Bands, Festival Bands, College University Band and Community Bands. As a guest conductor/composer-in-residence, Roger brings a unique perspective to his compositions that enlightens and engages musicians and audiences.

Sync/Mechanical and Arranging Licensing ...
If you are interested in arranging one of my works for any purpose, or wish to license to record a work, please contact me directly. If the work is published by another publisher other than Sonic Soundscape Productions, I will be happy to provide contact information regarding licensing.

“I love the music of Roger Cichy. His compositions are fresh and blend a rare mixture of challenge and entertainment to the wind band repertoire. I suggest Cichy’s music for anyone who is looking to develop quality, mature musicians. Consistent quality and fun music. You cannot go wrong with any Cichy piece!” ~ Mark Morette, Professional Recording Engineer

Roger Cichy - 40 Carue Drive, Scituate, RI 02857 - 401-647-0071